KoCA Inn: an urban experiment at the Kiosk of Contemporary Art in Weimar

Daniela Brasil, Theresa Dietl, Catherine Grau e Bernhard König (orgs.)


During two weeks, UrbanDÆ, a temporary research group based in Weimar and Salvador da Bahia, occupied the Kiosk of Contemporary Art, the Sophienstiftsplatz and the surrounding traffic islands. Urban creativity inherent to survival strategies was imported from the tropics and collaborative community experiences still present in many East Germans’ memories were revisited. They were embedded in an urban-artistic device that invited passers-by to engage with its ever-changing facilities: a mini hotel, a mobile kitchen, a showroom, a café, a dance hall, a black market of knowledge and skills, a library, a TV room, a gambling salon, a playground, all as if it were in a tropical resort. As the public engaged with the place, KoCA Inn became a meeting point for unexpected encounters, a testing ground for ideas, a space for dialogue and exchange.

ISBN: 978-3-86895-076-2


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